Hablan de la fragancia Impermanence

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"This is an awesome perfume for everyday wear. This is the most elegant tea scent that I know."
"Impermanence is a synonym for ephemeral which means lasting a very short time and the fragrance does not last a short time quite the opposite."
"Impermanencefeels like a deep breathing guided meditation, feeling the spiritual and physical connection to the green herbal lung of nature."
"Ms Jacquemin set about recreating the sensations of positivity and tranquillity she had felt while at the village in a perfume that is uplifting, gentle, and pensive."
"To me, it feels like happiness after a positive change of things, even optimistic. Acceptance brings calmness... and it smells good."

"Mme Jacquemin does a fantastic job of turning the visual into perfume. By taking her shades of blue photographs she realizes a perfume with visions of blue."

"Never smelled anything like this before. Every fragrance tells a story."
"Impermanence is perfect for the bright fresh spring & summer, but this winter weather, sunny with a fresh breeze seems perfect too."
"The artist soul Christèle Jacquemin, has created a fragrance that helps to realize what is imperfect, that shows the fragility of existence and the transience of this world. From the other side, this indicates what we should focus on."
"Christèle invites us not only to rediscover the connection to nature, but also to accept the constant flow of change. To embrace and to discover the beauty in it. Especially in the transience of the moment."