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Cultural patronage

Companies, are you willing to support my artistic project?

Here are the two options of corporate cultural patronage legally allowed in France for artists settled as sole proprietor: 

The acquisition of original artworks and their exhibition in a place accessible to the public (customers, suppliers, employees). 

The awarding of a scholarship or prize
 by a corporate foundation, a recognized non-profit foundation, a sheltered foundation or an endowment fund.

If these actions are part of your sponsorship policy, contact me and let's talk about them.
+33 7 80 59 68 32
+33 7 80 59 68 32

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MEMORY LANE · Eau de Parfum mixte


Quand on porte ce parfum, on a l'impression d'être unique.
J'ai également apprécié la présentation du flacon dans un beau pochon.

bons parfums

mais je n'ai pas eu de coup de foudre.

I'm not one of those fragrance connoisseurs that can identify every note in a fragrance (other than the obvious amber, vanilla, tobacco, or patchouli notes), however, I can tell you that each of Christele's scents makes me happy - from each glorious spray to the interesting dry down. Pure scent. Love, love, love. This is why I wear fragrances.


J'ai senti le parfum en boutique... j'ai fondu direct... un coup de foudre olfactif... j'ai acheté les 3 doses d'essai... mais celui-là m'a carrément envoûté que je l'ai pris en 50ml... une œuvre d'art ce parfum... j'adore... merci pour cette superbe création...