Visitors' book

A few words and drawings from those who crossed my road during exhibitions and multi-sensory workshops.

"Lots of light and ideas!" -Laura

"Solitude is sometimes necessary to read the darkness." -Olivier B.

"I like your approach to light and the smell is soothing. Nice to meet you." -Matilde

"Thank you for this inner trip, far away and so close! Delicate and subtle perfume travel in the heart of the Earth, in the dark and enlightened depths ...! Beautiful human adventure. Complex work." -Florence

"By lifting the bell, the smell reminded me of my father's perfume." -Fantine (11 years old)

"I liked to be in the Underworld." -Anonymous

"Interesting work on the senses." -Anonymous

"Really exceptional. A cave that smells good!" -Anonymous

"Magical, thank you." -Delphine

"Thank you very much for these color effects in the cave! And for the perfumes. It's original. Thanks to the beautiful optimist traveler!" - Maryvonne C.

Arthur, 9 years old

"The sight and smell. The imaginary are getting richer suddenly and we travel somewhere else, which can be a enlightened cave." -Sabine Chabbert, Fragrance Foundation France

"Magic. Thank you for that unexepected answer." -Gwendoline

"Thank you for this moment of calm under the world." -Sylvie

"This is quite an exhibition! A nice way to spend time in a cave. Thank you for this very bright sensory and visual journey." -Angela

"Relaxing moment. Thank you." -Catherine

"Peace and serenity in this place out of time. Emotion and sensation." -Brigitte

"Enchanted night under the stars..." -Gaston

"What cocoon in your cave, I feel good, I don't feel like going out, beautiful harmony. A nice resonance emerges, this sweet and woody smell makes me travel." -Jean-Christophe C.

"A nice trip in a scented meditation." -Martine M.

"I very much liked this moment of travel." -Agathe

"The cave, that of Plato, sets of shadows and smells, traces of the beginning of humanity." -Caroline

"Marriage between light and shadow in a scented mystery." -Aude B.

"I like the cave." -Lila (5 years old)

"Go back to oneself." -Natasha

"The senses and sensations are the elements that make an artist an artist! Keep your sensitivity and the ability to drift." -Emma G.

"The cave transported me away! Bravo." -Jean-Luc

"Sublime." -Anonymous

"Magnificent, full of different feelings!" -Anonymous

"I loved it. I felt good and it was relaxing." -Eleonore (10 years old)

"Between dream and reality." -Anonymous

"A beautiful olfactory and visual experience." -Nathalie

"What a good idea! The scents are in harmony with the photos, it's very nice." -Anonymous

"Magnificent photographs enhanced by an olfactory note. Bravo!" -Anonymous

"Very original. It makes me dream and travel. What a beautiful idea the smell of the earth." -Anonymous

"Thank you for this double visual and olfactory experience. Very nice creative idea. Keep up with good work." -Christine

" The eyes and nose are on a journey in this world of fragrances and images as in our childhood." -Anonymous

"Great, it leads us to serenity. Thank you." -Sheyla P.

Grace, 11 years old

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43 reviews
Super travail, superbe parfum

J'ai rencontré Christèle Jacquemin sur le marché artisanal de Bedoin cet été et j'avais été impressionné par le travail, par les explications et l'histoire de chaque parfum mais aussi par la douceur de Christèle. J'ai voulu essayé et suis reparti avec la petite fiole. Convaincue par tant de poésie et de douceurs j'ai commandé le parfum en version plus grande pour la rentrée. Je n'ai pas été déçue : réception rapide du colis, finition au top avec un pochon pour le parfum, la boite en bois..., la photographie... Tout est là le produit est vraiment abouti . Bref c'est un investissement mais c'est tellement plus parlant que d'acheter en boutique.... Je suis ravie d'avoir croisé le chemin de Christèle à Bedoin et ravie de porter son parfum. Merci pour ce voyage olfactif et poétique.

IMPERMANENCE · Eau de Parfum mixte

Très satisfait

Très satisfait de mon achat. La photographie est magnifique.

KIT DÉCOUVERTE · 4 testeurs
Sandrine S. (France)
Belles découvertes

La présentation du kit est très soignée, très qualitative.
J'ai bien aimé Meandering Soul mais j'avoue avoir eu un coup de coeur pour Underworld, je vais le tester encore à des moments différents mais je penses me l'offrir assez rapidement; bravo pour le travail accompli.