They talk about the fragrance Underworld

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"This is a new and exciting perfume for us and a stellar performer.We talk 10 plus hour spectacle in our skin."
"My most favorite fragrance to wear at the moment."
"Unique creative notes. [...] Blending is exceptional. [...] Good stuff."
"It is a very interesting and appealing smell. [...] It is really positive, quite energetic I think."

"Mme Jacquemin has [...] a wonderful habit of finding equilibrium between what seem like unlikely partners. She finds the place of transition and pins it down."

"an arrestingly lovely, spicy incense perfume with deliciously quirky notes."

"It’s deep, dark, mysterious, spicy, intoxicating and hypnotic all at once. [...]If you’re loving this type of scents and you’re looking for something like nothing you’ve ever experienced, I recommend checking this out pronto."

"Like a drop from another world. Hidden deep somewhere."
"This scent has got me hypnotized. [...] And this is probably the best perfume I have smelled lately."
"Dark tones in unity with the light. Beautiful in their contrast.As elementary as life itself."
"The name Underworld suggests a darkness, this is definitely more a warm light, showing us the way on a new adventure."