They talk about the fragrance Meandering Soul

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"I am so impressed by the fragrance. [...] This is a sexy fragrance you can rock day and night"
"I really like the fragrance. That's creative."
"This feels very modern to my nose."

"I have admired her ability to find interesting contrast in her floral choices. It is at its best here."

"Over all this house has been quite a journey. The creativity, diversity and originality of these fragrances sets this brand apart from so many others."

"The scent builds a protection shield on my skin to fight the noise of the world. And keeps defending me for more than eight hours, before I come home to find a place for meditation. Every one that I pass, catching a nose full of this beauty, catches a glimpse of the inner freedom most of them are missing for so long."
"Christèle’s meandering path recreates this subtle pulsating nuance with the olfactive spectrum of the tree branches, painted with imponderable, lighter than air woods, pulsating green, with the marrow sublimated out of their fragile backbones."