Tao Dance Theater, the very essence of life

Hypnotic dance. The energy of the Earth traversing the body with legs being completely rooted to the ground, like waves passing through in harmonious undulations. Play of lights. Showing without revealing.

Feeling an energetic intimacy. Pure beauty without artifice. The very essence of life.

Tao Dance Theater is a Chinese contemporary dance company I had the chance to see in Paris. I wrote the above passage in Paris just after seeing “6 & 7” shows.

The company does regular worldwide tours. I encourage you to go and see them if they come near to you. They are magical and riveting. They share past traditions wrapped in the modern and unique body language they invented.

I used to practice ballet and contemporary dances when I was younger. I like the idea of using the body movement to tell stories.

“When you dance, you go out of yourself, you become greater, stronger and more beautiful. During a few minutes, you are a hero. This is power. This is glory on Earth. And that’s yours every night.” — Agnès de Mille

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