My favorite quotes from "Camara Lucida"

There is nothing like philosophy to open up the conscience, or at least the eyes. Camera Lucida, the book on photography by philosopher Roland Barthes, is a classic amongst the classic books that every photographer (and art lover) might read to understand his/her unconscious attraction to photography.

“It is not through painting but through drama that photography reaches art.”

“I suppose the very skill of the photographer is to catch something or someone (...) without the knowledge of the photographed subject.”

“The photographic shock is meant less to traumatize than to reveal what was perfectly hidden and (...) unconscious to the character.”

“Painting can pretend a reality without seing it. (...) Photography can never deny that the thing was there.”

“Photography is fundamentally subversive, not when it frightens, repulses or even stigmatises, but when it thinks.”

“Staring at the customers of a coffee shop, someone told me (...): "watch how dull they look, nowadays pictures are more alive than people.”

“Society works on subduing photography, to temper its madness that continuously threatens to explode to the face to who look at it.”

“A kind of umbilical link connects the body of the photographic thing to my photographic eye: light, however unpalpable, is here (...) [the] flesh [we] share.”

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Sublime tout simplement

J’adore bien au dessus des grandes marques. Je suis prêt à le commercialiser dans mes boutiques 😅

Belle rencontre !

Merci pour notre bel échange ce matin à Nyons ! La beauté de vos photos, la fragrance subtile d'Impermanence et tout d'abord le nom de ce parfum m'ont attirée vers vous et je suis ravie de notre rencontre. J'espère que l'orage de l'après midi n'a pas abîmé votre très joli stand et que les visiteurs ont été nombreux. Bienvenue à Nyons !

Unique invitation au voyage

Pour ma part j’ai totalement craqué pour Underworld
Sa créatrice est une artiste à part entière et d’une grande gentillesse qui se reflète à travers la délicatesse de ses parfums...
Je recommande BRAVO

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João L. (Portugal)

Excellentes compositions ! je l'ai aimé

One of a kind

I immediately fell in love with Impermanence, a scent I've been looking for quite a long time, without even knowing it. It's lighthearted, but stays all day. It makes me breathe deeper and feel stronger. It's ginger note is tender, but present. Usually I don't like ginger in scents, only in food. ;o) But here it's different, quite mysterious to me. The whole scent is in a way mysterious and clear at the same time. Love it!