The vertigo of change

I have always had a quite complicated relationship with reality. This has greatly conditioned the way I photograph.

As Italian theoretical physicist and author Carlo Rovelli once said, “Each sight on the world is always from a singular perspective. Our experience of the world comes from within.”

I associated the present with suffering. I ran away from the present day and its absence also made thinking about the future impossible, so I made my own parallel world. I cocooned myself in the past until change came knocking at my door a few months ago.

“If there is no change, there is no time”, Newton said.

This change finally put an end to my tasteless routine and launched it into the void by cutting all attachment points that I painstakingly built these past seventeen years.

I quit my job, sold my apartment, packed everything for a better future.

I settled in Barcelona in December 2017 and frequently travelled to Paris. From then on I started living one day at a time, letting changes drive me from one place to another, experiencing life like never before.

The Vertigo of Change photo series illustrates these months imbued with the frenzy of movement, incessant trips, spaces I passed through, and strangers’ homes I spent a few nights in and left forever. The photos depict multiple spaces, much like metaphors of necessary steps towards a blurry future that unfolds itself gradually over time.

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