Far Far East

Beijing was the last stop of my 5-month journey in Asia. I was feeling quite sad that soon I would go back to Europe.

Beijing reminded me my first trip to China in 2003: immensity, heavy traffic and this uprooting sensation.

During my stay, I lived in an 18-floor tower in a suburb close to the famous 798 Art Zone which was only countryside five years ago.

Beijing is frantic. People are concentrated in their tasks. After a couple of days, I realised that a month here was definitely not enough to explore all the opportunities that the big city offer. Beijing IS the cosmopolitan place to be to make connections.

All the people I met — from fellow residents to people from the local art scene — greatly contributed in making my stay fantastic and I hope to go again soon.

The month in Beijing ended with an Open Studio at 798 Art Zone where I displayed the UNDERWORLD photo series and scent.

This five-month journey in Asia has been such a wonderful experience. I enjoyed being focused on portraying all the places where I lived. Of course, I had highs and lows but the balance is very positive.

My task now is to little by little create a personal language combining photography and perfumery and share this multi-sensorial vision of the world with all of you. It is quite an exciting challenge I am working on day after day since I came back.

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