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Far Far East

Beijing was the last stop of my 5-month journey in Asia. I was feeling quite sad that soon I would go back to Europe.

Beijing reminded me my first trip to China in 2003: immensity, heavy traffic and this uprooting sensation.

During my stay, I lived in an 18-floor tower in a suburb close to the famous 798 Art Zone which was only countryside five years ago.

Beijing is frantic. People are concentrated in their tasks. After a couple of days, I realised that a month here was definitely not enough to explore all the opportunities that the big city offer. Beijing IS the cosmopolitan place to be to make connections.

All the people I met — from fellow residents to people from the local art scene — greatly contributed in making my stay fantastic and I hope to go again soon.

The month in Beijing ended with an Open Studio at 798 Art Zone where I displayed the UNDERWORLD photo series and scent.

This five-month journey in Asia has been such a wonderful experience. I enjoyed being focused on portraying all the places where I lived. Of course, I had highs and lows but the balance is very positive.

My task now is to little by little create a personal language combining photography and perfumery and share this multi-sensorial vision of the world with all of you. It is quite an exciting challenge I am working on day after day since I came back.

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Quand on porte ce parfum, on a l'impression d'être unique.
J'ai également apprécié la présentation du flacon dans un beau pochon.

bons parfums

mais je n'ai pas eu de coup de foudre.

I'm not one of those fragrance connoisseurs that can identify every note in a fragrance (other than the obvious amber, vanilla, tobacco, or patchouli notes), however, I can tell you that each of Christele's scents makes me happy - from each glorious spray to the interesting dry down. Pure scent. Love, love, love. This is why I wear fragrances.


J'ai senti le parfum en boutique... j'ai fondu direct... un coup de foudre olfactif... j'ai acheté les 3 doses d'essai... mais celui-là m'a carrément envoûté que je l'ai pris en 50ml... une œuvre d'art ce parfum... j'adore... merci pour cette superbe création...

C'est niche!

Une composition vraiment extraordinaire, loin des sentiers battus, et pourtant portable comme une seconde peau.