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All cats are grey in the dark

I love the night. Night is not about darkness, on the contrary, it is about light and about contrasts. The lights in the city shine as if they were stars. This otherworldy atmosphere is proper to dreams.

Life seems more intense at night. A dull landscape during the day might be full of drama during the night.

Brassaï, one of my favourite photographers who was active in the 1930s in Paris, portrayed the city of lights during the night.

A famous French saying about the night is “All cats are grey in the dark”. The night is perfect to do things that need discretion and you would not do during the day. He actually spent two years and then many nights to tame the nocturnal animals of Paris.

As Diane Arbus said

"Recently I was amazed how much I like what we do not see in a picture. Darkness has a physical presence of its own."

I love to hang around in a building, with nobody there and imagine how the world was when these places were full of activities. What might have happened behind this door? What might have been whispered in this corner? Many stories to imagine. Let's imagine yours!

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