The Ali Baba's cave

On the day I arrived in Jinze, I immediately heard about the Dutch neighbour of the artist residency. I had the opportunity to see a few pictures taken by some of previous artists who were able to visit him.

Just by looking at the pictures made me want to go there right away. I was excited to see all these vintage pieces from the Dutch neighbour’s collection in person.

We eventually went to see the place one week later. It exceeded my expectations. The time and space points of reference were definitely lost. Many of the 19th-century antiques on display came from French castles and churches.

What a small world! I never would have imagined that in a far-flung village in China, I would discover a multitude of furniture, paintings, sculpture pieces from my country thousands of miles away.

After going through two big warehouses filled with European antiques, the Dutch neighbour invited us for coffee and mooncakes in another building decorated with Chinese antiques. I could not believe my eyes.

There I saw furniture made of sandalwood, sculptures made of ivory, and vases and furniture created for Chinese emperors. These were way too much for me take in. He then showed us 2,000-year old potteries that were found in graves. These potteries were the oldest pieces he owns. Ancient Chinese people, like the Pharaohs in Egypt, buried their beloved with a lot of objects in case they might need them in their next life.

During that first visit, I could not take photos because I was too overwhelmed. I asked to come back on my own the next day to take pictures at my own pace. So, I was back again in Ali Baba’s cave. But despite taking so many pictures, nothing really clicked. Was it the chaotic sensation of having so many stories in the same space? I do not know, but actually inspiration did not come to me. I could not find my own narration amongst them.

Fortunately, I had the chance to go back inside his place ten days later as one of my co-residents was actually working on a big artistic installation in one of his warehouses. I often visited to see the progress of his work.

A few days before I left, I went again and inspiration suddenly struck me. After taking pictures of co-resident Benjamin Buhl’s installation, I headed to one of the warehouses where they had set up a small photo studio.

I started to play around and made up unlikely associations of objects I found around me. I was feeling like a little girl discovering more and more treasures. Here was an El Quijote sculpture, then I found an old accordion, a hunting horn, and many, many Chinese vases. It was incredibly inspiring!

One after another, I created sculptures as if I was writing little stories. I assembled the memories of different origins and styles. I provoked encounters that might have never occurred in real life. I gave a second life to things that were once used as signs of distinction and that suffered a long descent towards oblivion.

In the end, these sculptures spoke about change, about the social decadence of a high status that could not be sustained anymore.

Change is a big thing in Asia. Based on the traditional representation of Yin- Yang, I imagined a photo series with black or white backgrounds to reinforce the transformation that permeates life.

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Belle découverte !

Singulières, inédites, très abouties, de très grande qualité : ces testeurs vous permettront, à votre rythme, d'essayer ces fragrances uniques. Service client excellent.

Essai testeurs

Le kit illustre bien le concept et permet une véritable découverte des parfums. Très bon produit.

Un must

Ce parfum est juste extraordinaire, parfaitement mixte, il est d'une classe sans pareil, définitivement adopté, merci pour ce bijou.

Perfect for late autumn and winter

I will start by saying that I will set this bottle aside until late autumn as to my thinking this is very much a cold weather scent. Gone are any hints of sweetness and flowers, what remains is clean and crisp, this is very much an outdoor scent. No single component rises above the other, nor is this overpowering in any sense. I can imagine wearing this outdoors in the cold with a sweater on, or indoors curled up near a fire.

SLOW LIFE · Eau de Parfum mixte
Jay G. (United States)
Lovely scent that captures the essence of outdoors

My wife and I had your previous scents, and so I was keen to try the new ones. This is the first of the three, and I'm not disappointed at all. The opening is a very fresh green outdoor scent, and a very natural one as well, I was curious how the sesame would come into play. I can detect it but it's a very harmonious one. That gives way to jasmine, and while as a guy florals don't always work for me, I've always enjoyed jasmine. This is not an overpowering scent and certainly one I could safely wear to the office.

Original et unique

J'avais eu l'occasion d'essayer ce parfum par un échantillon (parmi 4) offert par des amis ; dès que je l'ai senti, j'ai su qu'il était fait pour moi ; j'ai complètement craqué sur le fenouil, en particulier, présent mais pas envahissant. En plus, le flacon est très élégant ; cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas craqué pour un parfum. Bref, je l'adore !

SLOW LIFE · Eau de Parfum mixte
Élodie V. (France)
Sent divinement bon

J’ai rencontré Christèle au marché de Créateurs de la Grande Motte, juste en face de mon stand… Et quelle belle découverte ! Chaque parfum est unique et ne ressemble à rien de ce que je connais par ailleurs. Celui qui a volé mon cœur est Slow Life, unique en son genre. J’ai toujours été en quête du parfum qui me rappellerait l’odeur du jasmin au printemps qui embaumait le pas de ma porte enfant, chaque année. J’en ai testé plein, j’en ai parfois, exceptionnellement, trouvé des bons… et celui excelle. On s’y croirait ; un jasmin, mais avec un côté moins sucré que « d’habitude », plus vert, très fleuri à la fois, comme sur l’arbre en réel. Bravo

UNDERWORLD · Eau de Parfum mixte
Anne-Françoise R. (France)
J'aime beaucoup

J'ai découvert ce parfum dans une galerie à Collioure il y a deux ans et je l'aime toujours autant. C'est surprenant car je n'ai jamais porté de parfum auparavant. Merci.

Offert à Noël il y a je crois deux ans j'ai été transportée par cette odeur originale, une explosion, je suis fan. Du coup, maintenant que j'ai trouvé votre site, je vais tester les autres 🙂

mon parfum

Je pense avoir trouvé ce que je cherche depuis longtemps : IMPERMANENCE. Merci