Impermanence, finalist of the The Art and Olfaction Awards 2020

The very good news has fallen: the scent IMPERMANENCE  is a finalist of the 7th edition of The Art and Olfaction Awards, in the category Artisanal Perfumery. This category rewards perfumes from perfumers who have created the fragrance formula themselves and marketed it under their own brand. What sets it apart from the Independent Perfumery category, which highlights brands that have used an freelance perfumer.

This award is organized by The Institute for Art and Olfaction  based in Los Angeles in the United States, an organization very active at the international level and which has set itself the mission of highlighting the creators of the perfumery sector with artistic vocation and of making accessible to a large audience the world of perfumery through training actions among others.

This year, due to the situation that we are all going through, the finalists announcement was done online. It was an opportunity to meet everyone virtually.

The panel of judges of the category Artisanal Perfumery for this edition is made up of recognized and active members in the world of art and perfumery:

Anahita Mekanik
Andreas Wilhelm
Ashley Eden Kessler
Bibiana Prival
Dana El Masri
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
Eddie Bulliqi
Frederic Jacques
Mark behnke
Marta Siembab

Sherri Sebastian
Yosh Han

As for the announcement of the winners, it will take place in September 2020 in Los Angeles (United States).

Fine Art Photography. Eau de Parfum . Home Fragrance Oil . Artisanal Soap

The IMPERMANENCE photo collection invites to...

become one with Nature 
welcome change 
reenergize in harmony

Ideal to give an Oriental Zen and Nature atmosphere to your home and office.

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IMPERMANENCE Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that instantly projects into a moment of Zen. Available in 1.01 fl. oz 30ml, 1.7 fl. oz 50ml and 0.1 fl. oz 3ml.

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Enjoy a full multi-sensory experience by diffusing the IMPERMANENCE Home 
Fragrance Oil
 where you hang your favorite IMPERMANENCE photo artworks.

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handmade with virgin olive, coconut, avocado and shea butter saponified oils is naturally rich in vegetable glycerin. These ingredients provide softness to the skin and nourish it naturally.

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Handcrafted products made in France.

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50 reviews
UNDERWORLD · Eau de Parfum mixte
Anne-Françoise R. (France)
J'aime beaucoup

J'ai découvert ce parfum dans une galerie à Collioure il y a deux ans et je l'aime toujours autant. C'est surprenant car je n'ai jamais porté de parfum auparavant. Merci.

Offert à Noël il y a je crois deux ans j'ai été transportée par cette odeur originale, une explosion, je suis fan. Du coup, maintenant que j'ai trouvé votre site, je vais tester les autres 🙂

mon parfum

Je pense avoir trouvé ce que je cherche depuis longtemps : IMPERMANENCE. Merci


Je suis tombée amoureuse de ce parfum, acheté sur le marché de Lourmarin. Je vais vite en recommander. Je n’ai jamais retrouvé cette odeur ailleurs, très particulière, poétique, sucrée… j’adore !

KIT DÉCOUVERTE · 4 testeurs
sophie h. (France)
Un voyage

J’ai commandé l’ensemble des quatre parfums format « échantillon ».
Dans la pochette j’ai quatre parfums accompagnées des quatre photos aussi créées par C. Jacquemin. Le matin selon mon humeur je choisi mon parfum du jour. Une inspiration au voyage. Présentation remarquable, simple et classe. Trop contente !