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Ah! L'Amour..., a multi-sensory reading for Valentine's Day

Ah! L'Amour... (love) is an original creation of the Compagnie du A of the actress Charlotte Assemat, which was created especially for Valentine's Day 2020 and presented at the Library-Museum of the Inguimbertine of Carpentras (France).

This reading show combining reading (Charlotte Assemat and David Teysseyre), music (Jessika Tinkler) and olfaction (Christèle Jacquemin), was an opportunity to delve into many writings on this subject that made and continues to make so much ink flow.

Ah l'Amour..., that tumult, ups and downs, contradictory sensations and invisible feelings that cross us like an arrow, an indelible marker on our life, between animal instinct and will to control.

It is this total portrait of love that I wanted to transcribe in this fragrance, between shadow and light. 

Because what captivates in love is this loss of control of meaning, this fragrance makes the unexpected happen between ingredients that everything seems to oppose at first. 

Indian cypriol, oud, costus, styrax, so many olfactory materials that make our animal fiber vibrate from the inside, that I make them encounter with the sweetness and roundness of caramel, sugar and tolu.

In the end, this may be what Love is.

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