Hablan del Kit de Descubrimiento

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"Unique creative notes. [...] Blend is exceptional. [...] Good fragrances, good house

"If you go to her website, for each of the fragrances there is the fragrance, there is the art you can buy, there is the home fragrance oil, so it's like a kind of set, a kind of complete aesthetic experience."

"[The] fragrances she composed so far are really well-made and they stand out as more unique than 90% of what the market has to offer. If you have a chance give [them] a try."
"The [...] Christèle Jacquemin fragrances are amazing because they open up new categories that borderline with flavors: salty citrus, dark caramelly anise, tuberose fougère... I urge you to try them if you are looking for some really new ideas."
"Enfin respirez ! C’est le week-end ! Vous êtes au bon air loin de vos préoccupations quotidiennes, prenez du temps pour vous et ressourcez-vous en essayant le Kit Découverte des eaux de Parfum de l’artiste Christèle Jacquemin qui vous offre en exclusivité des voyages olfactifs dans ses fragrances inspirées de ses voyages et respirant l’élégance !"
"[Christèle Jacquemin] scents are very individual and interpretive; in fact, I'd go so far as to say they are probably the most original fragrances I've smelled in 2020."