The new definition of time


Time is a luxury in today’s world. It seems we don’t have enough time to do everything we want or perhaps we are just using time in an inappropriate way.  

We hear endless comments about how to beat time. It seems that fighting against time or attempting to manage it has become an obsession.  

The past and its mystery have always been one of the main subjects in my pictures. Maybe these photos have somehow become a way for me to control time and make it last longer. I create my own time, question it and play with it.

And what about the present? Does it exist? How can we recall the past, and not the future? 

These are fascinating questions to me. 

I recently discovered The Order of Time, a book that explores the meaning and nature of time. It was written by Italian theoretical physicist and author Carlo Rovelli, who has quite an unusual, but very interesting way of addressing these questions.

Here are my 10 favourite quotes from the book. These quotes may help you see and understand time in a different way: