The dreamy world of Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi . March 2005 . Vogue Italia

Paolo Roversi . March 2005 . Vogue Italia

When I look at Paolo Roversi’s pictures, I am instantly dragged into his universe. I feel overcome with emotion.  My breath speeds up. All my senses are on alert. Something is going on. The mystery that exudes from his pictures literally catches all my attention.

Paolo Roversi says,

“Photography goes beyond reality and illusion. It brushes another life, another dimension, revealing not only what exists but also what does not exist.”

Indeed. This is the magic of it. Silence is paramount to reach those parallel worlds when I shoot. In such state of mind, I leave this world. I am elsewhere. I hear the barely audible. I smell how my characters feel. I spot even the tiniest details in the dark. I move around this ethereal environment, set the light, and when I recognise my world, I capture it.

“Light is not a matter of reason… but of feeling. (…) Each picture is an encounter, an intimate and mutual confession.”

My personal life blends unconsciously to the story I am writing with images. My heart beats at the tip of my finger when I press the button. All my energy focuses on the caption of this fainted world. My feelings guide me throughout the journey.

Pictures leave indelible stories in our memories, ephemeral moments but everlasting memories.

For me, the most fascinating aspect is what they evoke when we see them, even years later.