The aesthetics of shadows


I love Japanese culture. Its influence on the Arts & Crafts as well as on the Art Nouveau movements is now well established. I recently read the book "In Praise of Shadows" from Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki born in 1886. What a wonderful find! I am feeling so comfortable and almost familiar with his Oriental way of seeing and interpreting shadows even though I was brought up in the “West”.

In his vision,

“Darkness is key to appreciate beauty. It is not a substance in itself but a play with shadows and chiaroscuro.”

Beauty is not limited to a “good-looking” concept. No superficiality here. Beauty is to be found in our complexity, our contradictions, our values and in our life force.

When shooting, my interest lies in catching that specific light coming from within. A shady atmosphere helps to capture such intimacy. Find my uncovered beauty vision here.