Floral inspirations

Nature, and particularly flowers were an important source of inspiration for Art Nouveau architects. And what about today?

Actually flowers are everywhere. They are still inspiring contemporary designers and artists. Their shapes and colours bring peace and harmony to any room, and make us dive into a different world, far from the urbanite environment.

I share with you today the works of artists and designers I recently discovered. They are all inspired by flowers. I hope they will inspire you too to add some beautiful and delicate flowers to your home décor or to wear flower patterns! 


1. teamlab | creating a larger world

The Japanese creative group imagines interactive digital installations with flower and nature elements. I find their works to be very poetic and I would really like to live such an experience in my living room while eating some exquisite Japanese food! Maybe, one day, who knows! ;)

"When a dish is placed on the table, the world contained within the dish is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the surrounding space. The worlds unleashed from each dish connect in the external space creating a new larger world." - TeamLab

More inspiring videos in their website here.

Dining Room interactive digital installation | TeamLab | 2017

2. vanessa hogge | the search for intense beauty

I am always fascinated to see how artists actually create all these beautiful objects. You have an idea and it eventually ends up in your living room. In mine, that would be cool! ;)

Here is a video of the London-based ceramic artist Vanessa Hogge at work while she is giving the final touch to one of her flower vases. I really like the delicate way of she works. You can feel her intention in every gesture.

"Flowers don't last forever. They come and go. This is why I love clay so much. When they are made and fired they last forever." - Vanessa Hogge

Explore her wonderful collection on her website here

Ceramic vases | Film by Fern Scott of Great Scott Films

3. Fendi FW 2017-18 | Claude Monet's impressionist flower garden into dresses

The upcoming Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection of Fendi by designer Karl Lagerfeld is SO beautiful. I imagine all these ladies crafting the drawings of Herr Lagerfeld into superb dresses. The whole collection -that you can see here- expresses the vibrant energy of Nature in spring, like in the paintings of Claude Monet. Feeling depressed one of these sad winter days? Wear spring flowers and you will feel energised for sure, or treat yourself to colourful flowers and display them in a nice vase in your home. 

4. art nouveau | beauty and mystery to the home

Flowers have always been a source of inspiration for me. As an aficionado photographer I made pictures of so many flowers. At that time, I was an addict of botanical gardens wherever I would travel. I recall a few of them in Norway, the United States and Japan. Or I would drive a Saturday morning to the countryside and search for interesting "models". With the ongoing Belle Epoque photo series I find myself back again with this early inspiration of mine. Art Nouveau style filled homes with Nature elements like foliage and flowers. The indomable iron material metamorphoses into roses or innocent buds, plaster seems to exude the fragrance of spring and acid frosted glass is transformed into a pastoral scenery. Discover more pictures of Art Nouveau floral craftsmanship in my shop here