Exhibiting the Underworld photo series & scent


Within the Red Gate Residency program, I had the opportunity to present the Underworld photo series and scent in Red Gate Gallery located in 798 Art Zone in Beijing (China).

The Underworld photo series is inspired by the Allegory of the Cave by Plato. This short text tells the story of a group of people that never ventured outside the cave they live in. They believe the reflections they see on the walls of their cave is reality until one of them decide to go outside to check if it is really so.

The Underworld scent I created in Paris is an olfactory interpretation of the cave, evoking its cold and humid atmosphere.

What a wonderful experience to meet such an eclectic public in the gallery and share with them this unique storytelling combining the senses of smell and sight!

Have a look below at the videos of the event made by Red Gate Gallery.