Change is now

You never know when change, I mean real change might occur and impact your life. Or maybe, is that the other way round; change happens everyday but we leave it come and go most of the times, despite the uncomfortable situations we might live again and again.

During years I have ignored, or maybe I was blind to opportunities that came my way. Thinking about a deep change always provoked in me an irrational fear.

Change is peopled with fears of the unknown. As I was educated, the unknown is full of dangers. But it is not so. Change is full of positive energy once you have enough strength to tame the inner voice that tries to influence you to stay in the comfort zone.

Strangely, there are more fears to change for more happiness than to stay and suffer repeated disrespectful situations; maybe because you know them well, and you are in some way used to them.


The decision to change comes without really thinking about it. Maybe if you think too much, you might end up not doing anything. It is just that the moment has come. Despite all the previous opportunities you did not see, then comes the one you will not let go. So, you jump into the void, and try to imagine what could be your life after that.

Hopefully friends are of great help in such a transition to maintain a certain sense of humanity and to make these fears more livable once put into words.

At the early stage of change, you hardly have the visibility of what can come next. This time is fundamental for questioning everything -what is important, what is not-, for going and finding these almost forgotten dreams and trying to fulfill them.

Change is bringing so much positivity into my life I would not have even imagined a few months ago.

I will be busy the upcoming months doing what I like most. The ongoing Belle Epoque photo series will be enriched with more architectural discoveries I cannot wait to share with you.

After 17 years in sales and marketing positions in the fragrance sector, I am back to school to learn another facet, the one of designing perfumes, an artistic activity that has a lot in common with photography.

As a photographer, the first time I shared my pictures with an audience left a lasting impression on me. I realised that my initial intention differed from what the audience saw in my pictures. Despite we look at the same picture, we have different interpretations and this fascinates me.

It seems that fragrances go far beyond a difference of views. Since perfumes are invisible, they sparkle imagination and connect instantly to personal memories that are certainly far from the original intention of the perfumer.

The however still abstract idea of stirring people’s memories through fragrances I might create one day is so moving to me.

I dream my painting and I paint my dream
— Vincent Van Gogh

I surprise myself by dreaming my life as a succession of sensible activities to express and share my sense of beauty through photography and perfumery.

Let’s believe in it to make it happen!