Celebrating Art Nouveau artists


Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque lovers, there are plenty of exhibitions to enjoy these coming months! Discover below the ones I warmly recommend you to visit. 

— Amadeo Modigliani

Tate Modern (London, UK) shows an exceptional retrospective on Modigliani works.

Modigliani is part of my artistic pantheon. His way of painting is so straightforward. His characters always hook me instantaneously. Their gazes deeply touch me. They transmit their self-confidence in a relaxed way. This is how I am, like it or not. No flourish. Raw life exposed in front of you without filter. The pure and simplified figures keep me in this first eye contact, hypnotised by his typical gazes or empty eyes. No absent-mindedness. I like to imagine that all these eyes are at the end always the same, the ones of Amedeo Modigliani, who stare at us from his inner self.

“You look out at the world with one eye, and into yourself with the other.” — Amadeo Modigliani

Being an artist can be hard sometimes when you have to look at you straight and have to tell you the truth of who you are. Not looking inside is not an option. What you have to say, your vision might resonate with your inner self, with whom you really are so that you deliver your truth to the viewer or spectator.

More information on the exhibition click here.

— Alphonse Mucha

The Czech artist is on show in the newly opened Palacio de Gavaria of Madrid (Spain).

I remember my first encounter with Mucha's feminine figures. I was in shock. Peaceful and untamed femininity. His feminine figures make me think of the difference between English and French gardens. An assumed femininity without moral boundaries. They exude wild freedom and a vibrant sensuality at the same time. In other worlds, he portrayed women who allowed themselves to be who they are despite conventions. This is why it was so shocking at that time.

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— Ignacio Zuloaga

 The Spanish painter is on show at Fundación Mapfre. To be frank, I did not know about him but what I read about him makes it really interesting to go and discover him. Zuloaga works presented correspond to his stay in Paris during the Belle Epoque. His paintings are “very Spanish” to me, if I could say so, in the dark expression of his art but the result is much more than this. We can feel more influences from the Symbolist and Pre-Raphaelites movements.

Get to know him here.

— Ferdinand Hodler

I got to know this Swiss artist a few years ago. What fascinated me is his remarkable and unique way of expression. Again, as mentioned earlier for Modigliani characters, the subjects of Ferdinand Hodler paintings are the vibrant life, you can almost hear their heartbeats. They hook me, again and again. Energy in its pure state. I have the same sensations with his landscapes; the energy of sunset irradiating the canvas, the speechless beauty of the blue hour.

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