Blue, the colour of creativity

Blue Nude . Pablo Picasso . 1902

Blue Nude . Pablo Picasso . 1902

Maria Grazia Chiuri is the first woman to be the creative director at Dior. And we have seen the impact of her feminine vision of women since her first collection in which she included messages on the clothes like “We shall all be feminists”.

For Fall-Winter 2017-18, she continues with women empowerment, with an entire collection of blue designs that seems to be inspired from army uniforms of the early 1920s, when many nations changed the black colour of their attires to navy blue.

Dior has released a video of Professor Michel Pastoureau, a renowned symbolist, who speaks about the meaning of blue colour through the ages. 

I actually red the book “Blue” a few years ago. I remember I enjoyed very much the experience. It was fantastic to realise how the religion and society have influenced the perception of the colour from “hate” to “love”. 

"[During Roman times], blue eyes were almost a physical disgrace. It was the sign of little virtue for women, while it was considered as effeminate, barbaric or ridiculous for men." *

I love colours. Well, it might seem strange since I have played with a very narrow chromatic palette in my pictures for quite a few years now. But I get to learn about them and their symbolism.

I discovered the book « L’Etonnant pouvoir des couleurs » by Jean-Gabriel Causse, a colour designer. This is where I first red about Feng Shui. I did not know anything about the Chinese philosophy. I investigated further and literally fell in love with the philosophy based on observation. It is now part of my daily life.

Apart from the virtue of blue in Feng Shui, the colour has been qualified as the colour of creativity by scientific studies. Many artists have been inspired by the colour. Here I present a few of my favourite blue paintings.


1. Picasso . Blue Nude . 1902 | 2 . Antoine-Jean Gros . Sappho at Leucate . 1801 | 3 . Léon Bonnat . Le Barbier de Suez . 1876 | 4 . Joan Miro . Blue III . 1961 | 5 . Ingres . La Grande Odalisque . 1814 | 6 . Van Gogh . Almond Blossom . 1890 | 7 . Edward Poynter . Andromeda . 1869 | 8 . Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer . Harmony in blue . 1906 | 9 . Gustav Klimt . Allegory of scultpture . 1896

* Quote from the book "Blue" by Michel Pastoureau