A Belle Epoque mansion in Cartagena

Escaño Palace . 1910 renovation by architect Victor Beltri . Cartagena (Spain)

Escaño Palace . 1910 renovation by architect Victor Beltri . Cartagena (Spain)

Photos tell stories, and stories are not only contained within the characters who embody them; the atmosphere, space, buildings… they all bring in information and allow us to perceive what lies behind it all and means that a picture makes sense. Atmosphere is a living entity. Atmosphere is one more character in our story.

My claim is that I am a photographer with a real passion for locations. I love to stroll, come upon hidden nooks which in themselves tell the tale of their adventures, enchanting places which just have to be seen and heard because of everything that they have to tell.

It caught my attention right from the start. The state it is in – inhabited but dilapidated – evokes a feeling of deep melancholy, memories of times of elegance and splendour which are now mere shadows of what once was. This is proof of what Jorge Manrique once said, any time which is over and done was inevitably better. But at the same time it is a place which is tremendously alive, welcoming us into the particular atmosphere which makes it the perfect setting for stories to be told.

If you are fascinated by places, if you know of original backgrounds which are full of life and history – especially if they are thick with nostalgia – I would love to hear about them. It would be a tremendous help to enable me to go on doing what I like to do most: tell stories with the aid of my camera.