Lux Oro (Gold) | Fashion & Beauty category . Barcelona (Spain)
El Chupete | Baby Fashion & Accessories Sub-category . Madrid (Spain)

Covers and editorials of fashion magazines in USA, Canada, Argentina, UK, France, Spain, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Philippines.

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In parallel to my activity in the fragrance industry, I operated as a part-time commercial photographer during five years. It is during that period that I won the above-mentioned awards and was published in fashion magazines.

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“Christèle's photography is a continuation of herself, elegant, evocative, rich in shades of meaning and classical references with a touch of the contemporary and enough personality to spare so that she rises above the commonplace and makes a permanent mark on our memory, like some realm of the imagination which cocoons us, where we long to return and discover different realities.”
Mónica Lozano, Photography Curator and Photography Teacher at Murcia Art School, Spain

“Christèle's hallmark is to create an elegant, classical, mysterious atmosphere in her shots, full of strength, coherent and yet outside of time.”
LUX Professional Photography Award Jury, Spain

”I would describe Christèle’s photography, like the work of a painter who paints with light instead of colours — in my opinion, she has a feeling for the light. It is the mean that Christèle uses to generate an emotion, to ultimately get to one’s soul through her pictures.”
Andrea Tempesta, Freelance Senior Art Director, Canada

Red Gate Residency . Beijing (China)
Untitled Space . Shanghai (China)


Parcours de l’Art . Avignon (France)

Red Gate Gallery . Beijing (China)

MONDO Gallery . Madrid (Spain)

MONDO Gallery . Madrid (Spain)

FNAC La Cañada . Marbella (Spain)

FNAC Parque Principiado . Asturias (Spain)
FNAC Xanadú . Madrid (Spain)
FNAC Plaza Imperial . Zaragoza (Spain)
FNAC Diagonal Mar . Barcelona (Spain)
Festival El Sol . Bilbao (Spain)
CIFP CISLAN . Asturias (Spain)
Escuela de Arte . Granada (Spain)
Palau Robert . Barcelona (Spain)

Palau Robert . Barcelona (Spain)
Centro de Fotografía EFTI . Madrid (Spain)


Société des Amis de l’Osmothèque

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I occupied during seventeen years management positions in marketing, communication and sales in an international fragrance company. I was involved on a daily basis in the design and development of new scented products.

In the perspective of setting up my personal multi-sensorial project, I went back to school and successfully graduated as a Scent Designer in 2018.