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Christele Jacquemin award-winning fine art photographer


Described as cinematographic and dramatic in a portfolio review in New York in 2010, Christèle’s imagery expresses her belief in our capability to change our reality.

Born in Avignon, the famous city of Popes in touristic Provence (France) in 1971, she spent her childhood in Valliguières, a village of 80 inhabitants in the countryside. Despite her love for nature, she mastered escaping from reality through the fabulous lands she reached and intense emotions she felt through books.

In the late 1990s, she moved to Montpellier to work as an executive assistant for a forestry consultancy and eventually discovered art. She remembers these years: “Art opened to me the doors of the unknown as books did and it fascinated me as much as the reading of consulting reports of overseas operations in tropical Africa in my daily job.”

Hearing the call to discover these new worlds by herself, she expatriated to the warm Mediterranean climate of Murcia (Spain) in 2000 when she was offered a sales position in fragrances to travel extensively throughout Africa. She then embarked in an exploring journey through sub-Saharan Africa first, and later Latin and Central America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. She describes this experience as life changing: “There was a before and after discovering all these realities and meeting all these incredible people. When you are out of your comfort zone, you eventually learn a lot about yourself.”

In the course of her activities, she gradually imagined tools to inspire her customers with ideas and stories to spark their imagination for product development. The original idea, successful with her customers, was then structured into a marketing department in 2005 when she was appointed Marketing Manager. She took the challenge to start from scratch a totally new service. She analyses: “Change is always seen as a threat. The resistance to the new department was very high inside the company. Despite the challenging situation, I realised that I really loved to put my creativity at the service of customers. However, I would not describe myself as a creative person at that time. This notion was too abstract for me.”

The stories she invented put her in daily contact with photography and she eventually started studying it in 2008 to quench her thirst for knowledge. She says: “Discovering my masters and learning the universal language of photography to share my vision of the world was really a thrilling experience”.

After negotiating her full-time marketing position to part-time, she ventured as a professional photographer in 2009. She remembers: “Working for yourself challenges you a lot about your capability to succeed. Hard work is not enough; you need to believe in yourself. Retrospectively I realise that my lack of confidence and preparation were the main reasons of my failure however I learned a lot on the way.”

In 2014, she was offered to reintegrate her full-time position. She says: “The decision of coming-back and to leave photography was not easy. However it eventually put an end to a certain sense of precariousness, it had an unexpected side effect, I did not touch the camera for a year. My world was upside down, but this sabbatical year made me realise photography was as important as breathing for me."

Today, a few years later, she has walked steadily towards the comprehension of her mission as a photographer and here she is in front of you to share her vision of the world.



I would describe myself as a romantic. I believe in self-transformation through culture and art.

Travel and art educated me. Art in all its forms connects us to the wonderful diversity of the world, to other ways of thinking and seeing. The universal language of art strikes down frontiers and favours tolerance. It connects us back to our humanity which has been pushed lately into the background in societies that reward competition and extreme individualism.

Books gave me the taste for escaping from the unsatisfying reality. Movies did too. Travelling has been like embodying the character of my own book, and making pictures like being the director of my idealised life, of my vision of the world.

My interest as a photographer is to create parallel worlds which lie outside the hustle and bustle of presentday life: worlds where there is beauty to enjoy deeply, and time to live even the most fleeting of moments.

Welcome to my parallel world!


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A short story first

Recently I renovated my apartment. Despite living in it for the last 14 years, I hardly brought a personal touch to it. When I came in, I painted all the walls in white and moved in my pieces of furniture. That is all. To say it in short, I was not really feeling at home. I have been travelling so many years and being frequently out of home, my apartment was not my priority. I usually say it was like a train station. You come in and out, and you actually do not really live there.

But a year ago, I was recommended a good bricklayer and I eventually took the plunge.

Once we set the commencement date of renovation works, I organised myself to empty the place. Luckily I discovered by chance Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, a book I highly recommend.  

The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life
— Marie Kondo | Home organizer consultant

In addition to the decoration that did not reflect my personality, I accumulated during all these years things I did not use and that I could not even remember that I had.  During a week, I took out everything from the cupboards, and separated the things to keep and the ones to throw or give away. What a relief after that week! I was feeling light!

Work started and the transformation in the apartment had surprisingly an effect on me too.

Almost a year has gone since the renovation has finished, and I cannot be happier in my apartment. All that my eyes see are things I love. Still I have to fill it with more inspiring art, but the difference is amazing.

Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
— William Morris | Founder of the Arts & Crafts movement

Home is a sanctuary. Home is the place where you recharge your batteries after a long stressful day. And I can say from my experience that what surrounds you has a direct impact on your mood.

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love
— Nate Berkus | Interior designer

Take action today! Transform your place to transform yourself!

Either you are surrounded my objects that do not correspond to your personality as it happened to me, or you have just moved to a new place and are in urgent need to fill these depressing blank walls, we hope our pieces of art will help you to get that special atmosphere that will make you feel good and relaxed at home.

Or maybe you are visiting us today because you are experiencing...

The headache of the perfect gift

There are special occasions for which we crave finding that original and exclusive gift that will put stars in the eyes of the recipient.

Our photographic prints and handmade tintypes, available in limited edition only and hand-signed and hand-numbered by me, will gain value over time.  Give them a try for housewarming, marriage, birthday, Christmas or any other special occasions.

Why you may buy directly from the artist?

Today art prints are widely available with a great variety of offerings, from mass-produced to limited editions.

Once you find an art print you like, the important thing to watch first is the number of copies available on sale for this particular image, as well as if it comes signed by the artist or not. These two criteria will help you evaluate the scarcity and then the value of your purchase.

Today we have the choice between three main channels to purchase art prints: brick & mortar galleries, online galleries and direct purchase from the artist.

If we look closer to the brick & mortar gallery option, first you need to have a few close to home that actually stock artists that may correspond to your taste. But let’s say you find a piece you like in one of them. The main advantage of brick and mortar galleries is that you can see the piece of art and evaluate the quality prior to purchase. But the question mark is: how much of what you pay actually goes to the artist? Does the price difference justify that advantage initially mentioned?

The second option is online galleries. There are quite a few but in addition to the lack of transparency that characterises galleries in general, you cannot see the print prior to purchase.

The third option is to buy directly from the artist. This option is gaining more and more popularity today. You avoid intermediaries doing so and it is 100% transparent: the price you pay goes in full to the artist. And the bonus: your purchase highly contributes to the progress of ongoing creative series.

Buy at no risks

Not confident enough to buy art prints on the web from an artist you do not personally know? I can understand that. Moreover, figuring out the quality of your purchase from a computer screen is not easy.

But let’s make it this way: buy a sample set of the pictures you like and if you end up purchasing one of its limited edition equivalent, we will refund it 100%. You see, no risks at all!

And in the case you change your mind once you receive your limited edition, you can send it back. No questions asked!

Our mission

To help you surround yourself with art you love and that lifts your mood.

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Be one of the thirty five lucky ones!

All our museum-quality black & white photographic prints & plates are hand-signed and hand numbered by me on the back of the print/tintype and come with a certificate of authenticity.

All our photographs are printed on museum-quality acid-free cotton paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320g in a professional laboratory and under my supervision. Each photograph is available in a maximum series of thirty five (35) copies; twenty five (25) in 45x30cm and ten (10) in 60x40cm.

All our tintypes are unique and non replicable. They are hand-developed by me using the 19th-century technique of wet collodion to my digital files on matt or shiny black anodised aluminium. Each tintype negative comes with development defects that give its retro charm to the technique.

Let’s sponsor a living artist!

Each of your purchases contributes greatly to the progress of the Belle Epoque ongoing artistic project.

I cannot wait to share with you my upcoming visual adventures in other places that might end up decorating your walls.

We are an online business only.

From the comfort of your home or office, explore our shop and buy easily original pieces of art that truly reflect your personality and that will lift your mood.

Thank you so much for your support!

Want to know more about our original artworks?

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